• By April W Bowman
  • Posted Monday, May 15, 2023

Apply to Host a 4-H Exchange Student From Japan or South Korea

North Carolina 4-H is offering the experience of a lifetime for 29 families this summer! A delegation of young people, ages 12-17, plus adult chaperones from Japan and South Korea are in need of YOU! These Japanese and Korean youth are coming to North Carolina from July 23 through August 16 and would love to stay with your family to learn about American culture. Special trips and tourism are not required to host a delegate. These young people are here to be a member of your family for a month, not a tourist. Over half of the delegates have already been matched with North Carolina families, but we still need 13 more families! Can you help?

These delegates are here for a homestay to experience American life. Is your child going to camp this summer? Send your delegate too! Camp fees are covered by 4-H and the international partner organization. Take them to the grocery store, let them do chores like feeding the animals, take them to 4-H meetings! Treat this young person as you would treat your own child. The main requirements are just that the delegate has their own bed, three meals a day, and has adult supervision.

Applications are available at https://www.states4hexchange.org/apply/host/ and will be accepted until all students are placed (email Caitlin Clineff at cadavis7@ncsu.edu for a deadline extension!). Host family selection is subject to the completion of the online application, an in-home interview, a background check, and delegate availability.

The world is waiting for YOU to explore! For more information, contact State Coordinator Caitlin Clineff at cadavis7@ncsu.edu or 919.515.4759. Follow our Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/nc4hinternational. We look forward to hearing from you soon and starting your once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Host Family Checklist

  • Host sibling must be same gender and within 3 years of age of the delegate
  • Provide delegate with own bed (can room with kids of same gender but needs own bed–air mattress is OK)
  • Provide delegate with three meals a day
  • Will have an adult or older child around at all times
  • Friendly, welcoming home
  • Interest in learning about another culture and sharing yours with your new “family member”

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I host?
  • Create friendships with new people, learn about new cultures, learn more about your OWN culture, and make a difference in your family’s lives and the life of another young person.
  • What do I do with my delegate when they get here?
  • Normal, everyday activities! Go to the grocery store, cook dinner, do household chores, go to the park, play games, watch movies, visit family, etc.
  • My child is going to camp during the homestay, what would the delegate do during this time?
  • Send the delegate to camp as well! Camp in different countries is very different so this would be a great learning experience and a fun way to make more friends for the delegate. Camp costs are covered by 4-H and the international partner organization.
  • How are delegate/host family matches made?
  • Delegates are matched to host families based on similarities in interests and personalities. Delegates for the summer program are the same gender and within three years of age of their host sibling. NC 4-H strives to collaborate and work with host families in order to make the best placement possible.
  • Do the delegates speak English?
  • Some more than others. One of their main goals in coming to the United States is to learn more English. The delegates are usually able to understand more than they can convey. You and your family can also come up with other means of communication such as charades and drawing pictures. Learning to communicate is part of the fun! Chaperones also travel with the delegation and are available 24/7 if you really need assistance with translating.
  • Can my family host multiple delegates at the same time?
  • Yes! Each delegate must have their own host sibling, and they must be from different countries. For example, if you have a 13-year-old daughter and a 16-year-old son, your daughter could match with a Japanese girl and your son could match with a Korean boy.
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