General Services

Please note:

Forsyth County has extended the expiration of all current Forsyth County Hall of Justice Identification Badges until May 31, 2021. To apply for a new Forsyth County Hall of Justice Identification Badge, please click the blue box labeled “Hall of Justice Identification Badge Application” and follow the subsequent instructions.

Please email with questions or concerns.

The General Services Department is responsible for managing the facility and transportation needs of Forsyth County. Our department also manages the Capital Improvement Program including the planning, design, and construction of new and renovated facilities.

Specific areas of responsibility include:

  • Management of Capital Improvement Projects
  • Building and Grounds Maintenance
  • Automotive Fleet Management
  • Road Name Sign Maintenance (Un-incorporated areas)
  • Security Services
  • Energy Management
  • Internal Recycling Services
  • Surplus Property Disposal
  • Watershed Dam program

Hall of Justice Identification Badge Application

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