The Winston-Salem / Forsyth County area utilizes a KNOX key box access system. Forsyth County requires the KNOX key box system on Gated Communities and non-residential areas and facilities with fire alarm and fire suppression systems or areas with access limitations. Property owners must provide the key box and may order on-line through the KNOX Company. Devices include key boxes, key pads and pad locks. There are 3 jurisdictional areas in Forsyth County. You must select the proper jurisdiction for your property, order the key box or device and then contact that jurisdiction when you are ready to install the key box.

Physical location of your property:

Inside the City limits of Winston-Salem: call 336-773-7900
Inside the Town limits of Kernersville: call 336-996-4885

All other areas of Forsyth County:

You may order on-line with KNOX and use the key core information listed below:
Forsyth County Fire Department
3000 Aviation Drive
Winston-Salem, N.C.
Zip Code Designation for key code 27105

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