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Municipal Economic Opportunities Project Report helps form Asset Building Coalition

Winston-Salem is one of three cities throughout North Carolina that was selected to participate in the Corporation for Enterprise Development's Municipal Economic Opportunities Project (MEOP). The MEOP Report examines asset poverty in Forsyth County and Winston-Salem. This is a valuable tool as organizations like New Century IDA continue to work towards alleviating poverty in our community by helping low-moderate income individuals become financially literate homeowners. As a result of the MEOP report, Winston-Salem agencies have formed the Asset Building Coalition which was officially announced March 14 to community businesses of Winston-Salem.

New Century IDA: Announcing Education Program

New Century IDA is excited to announce our new partnership with the Crosby Scholars of Forsyth County. New Century IDA and the Crosby Scholars will provide matching funds to Crosby Scholars last-dollar participants who save $50 per month for 6 months, complete financial literacy classes through the FDIC’s MoneySmart program, budget with their Experiment in Self-Reliance success coach, and complete the necessary steps to remain a Crosby Scholar. For more information on how to apply for Crosby Scholars and to our New Century IDA Education program, visit their website at

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