Jewel Jones

I have always wanted to be a homeowner, but was afraid to step out on a limb. Upon
hearing about the IDA program from a friend, I decided to give it a try. At first,
I did not believe it would work, but I kept the faith. I dedicated myself to go
through with this no matter how long it took.

The classes were very helpful, and provided good insight into budgeting and handling
my money in a better manner. I also gained friendships with the people I met in
the classes. The savings at first was pretty tough, however, I was determined to
make the sacrifice and save the $50.00 a month.

As I moved closer to finishing the classes and saving my $1000, I began to see the
light at the end of the tunnel, and realized that this really is possible. I was
really blessed by God and all the staff that encouraged me to hang on in there.

I am now a proud homeowner and have purchased a nice comfortable house that I will
turn into a lovely home. Without the IDA program this would not have been possible.