Deborah Small

This was something I felt was impossible, because so many things in my life had
not worked out how I wanted. However, the IDA program created a new mindset and
gave me a new perspective. It prepared me to look at things in a different light.
As time moved along with the motivating presenters, and others coming forward to
give guidance and direction, I felt and believed that I could become a homebuyer.
I prepared myself to do better and work toward homeownership with a different outlook.

The savings program combined with the matched money to help with closing, is a great
incentive. I believe this is one of the best programs to come around in a long time,
and along with the people involved it will make a difference in somebody’s life.
I have a nice home that fits comfortably and is affordable to what I can pay, and
the mortgage is not a monthly strain. I want to thank everyone for their help and