Through a collaborative partnership with child support and the Pre-Trial Release program, we provide a continuum of supportive career development services based on an individualized comprehensive assessment of clients’ strengths, skills and needs. Our services are provided through partnerships that help clients move towards independence, maintain pride and dignity and realize their potential. Increasing their quality of life and empowering them to become productive and contributing citizens to the community while meeting child support obligations and requirements.

The program is designed to enhance both Child Support and the Pre-Trial release program. The CCS accepts offenders (male and female) referred by child support court, who are in need of one or all of the following; employment, education, life skills classes, vocational and/or intense monitoring. The target population includes individuals with criminal backgrounds. The CCS Works with the pre-trial release program by providing an enhanced monitoring element to select inmates released into the pre-trial release program.

While attending the CCS, offenders are closely monitored by interacting in a structured environment that provides offenders access to health education, vocational and educational training. Individuals must account for their job search efforts. Accountability is accomplished through the use of in person reporting requirements. Offenders are required to report daily and do extensive job searches. Individuals found in violation of the rules are terminated from the program and are in direct violation of a court order.

The following agencies assist the CCS in providing quality programming for the offender:

  • Forsyth Tech
    G.E.D / Job Readiness / Introduction to Computers
  • North Carolina Cooperative Extension
    Money Management / Budgeting / Parenting Matters

Located at 537 N. Spruce Street, Winston-Salem, NC 27101